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IOD-Black Coat Primrose Oil Shampoo - 1 liter
No. 18 Black Coat Evening Primrose Oil is a gentle, dye and henna free shampoo designed for black, liver, or mahogany coats. A dose of Evening Primrose Oil maintains the skin and coat's moisture balance, while optical enhancers refract light and radiate shine. No. 18 features the Isle of Dogs signature fragrance Maldives Villa, which features notes of wild berries, freesia, and amber.
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Designed for black or very dark coats, such as dark liver or mahogany coats. This product works by placing black enhancers, suspended by the oil within the shampoo, into the coat. It will not dry the coat as it contains no dyes or henna. Designed to improve coat texture, facilitate brushing, prevent or alleviate dry skin, add shine, and promote healing. Suitable for everyday use.
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