Customer Experience Manager

Job Description

Key Traits: Self-starter, attention to detail, organized, provides positive experiences to all, positive influencer, results oriented, and people skills.

Key Skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, QuickBooks, Point of Sale, Google Docs, Sales, Cashiering, Inventory Control, Shipping, Receiving, Overseeing day to day operations and co-workers.

To ensure success you will need to multitask effectively and perform your duties in a way that maximizes profits and provides positive experiences for all. In addition to job duties listed below you will want to adhere to the Employee Handbook guidelines and any that is asked of you.

Job Duties

  • Open/close the business and perform all opening/closing duties each day;
  • Manage day to day operations;
  • Oversee our Customer Experience Associate;
  • Greet and assist customers with their product needs, and suggest additional products;
  • Answer phones and respond to emails;
  • Ensure cleanliness and professionalism;
  • Process orders for customers;
  • Checkout customer purchases;
  • Add new customers and vendors to software;
  • Inventory control;
  • Ensure up to date accurate pricing on products;
  • Product knowledge;
  • Shipping and receiving;
  • Maintain adequate inventory for business needs;
  • Ensure software has accurate inventory numbers;
  • Create purchase orders;
  • Ensure orders for inventory are ready and placed in a timely manner;
  • Handle product returns with customers and vendors;
  • Building displays;
  • Assist with social media, upon request;
  • Ensuring safety protocols are followed;
  • Ensuring effective and safe use of equipment;
  • Assign tasks to Associate as needed;
  • Notify owner of any tasks that are not completed within the timeframe requested;
  • And other daily tasks.

*This is not an exhaustive list

AUTONOMY: Trust is given to employees to manage their day-to-day activities with individualism, provided the tasks are completed timely and with a result that meets our vision.

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