Double K ChallengAir 850XL stand dryer

Regular price $745.99

Double K pet variable speed dryer is engineered to produce more air with less noise, more reliability, and greater economy than any similar pet dryer. Includes two super-tough hoses. Dual air outlets allow you to perform two functions simultaneously; use the fixed arm for one job while you use the flexible hose for another. Made of blue, impact-resistant plastic, this two speed pet dryer warms air up to 45 deg; above room temperature. ChallengAir 850 XL Dryer includes two regular drying nozzles, two 6 hoses, long hair drying nozzle, diffuser and two cage attachments. The stand adjusts from 39 to 57 inches. This pet dryer comes with a two-year warranty. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.