Geib Gator 3 piece Shear/Thinner Kit

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Each Geib® Gator Shear is manufactured from a high-quality stainless steel alloy. This alloy allows the blade to be honed to razor sharpness.    Blades stay sharp for months    Shears are precision weighted and balanced    Handles and finger rests are contoured for maximum comfort    Double screw tension produces smooth scissoringThese features combine for shears that drastically reduce the amount of effort needed for scissoring.  This Geib® Gator Shear Pet Grooming Kit includes one 8 1/2" straight shear, one 8 1/2" curved shear, and one 6 1/2" 42-tooth thinning shear.  Rockwell Hardness rating of 57. Packaged in a high-quality cordovan vinyl case.