Wahl 5-in-1 #45 Non-Adjustable Blade

  • Enjoy a premium quality ‘5 in 1’ style blade in one popular cut-length

  • Designed for glide through clipping at 1.8mm (1/16”) cut length
  • It's ALWAYS cool running set
  • Superior tooth geometry for optimized feeding
  • Perfect for pads, paws, face, ears, and all finished work
  • Ideal for all coat types, pads, paws, face, ears, bridle paths, and fetlocks

It has the same technology that gives you glide through cutting that ALWAYS stays cool while in use, eliminating the risk of overheated blades.  Fits Wahl Arco®, Bravura®, ChromadoTM, Figura® and Motion style clippers.

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